MerKaBa seminar 2

Conscious co-creation

After reactivation, the MerKaBa seminar 2 shows us how to use our activated MerKaBa field for
our co-creative potential, and to become better attuned to the energies of the New Age.

In ascension together with our Earth, we are presently in the phase of conscious co-creation.
Right now, all the parameters of our consciousness are being recalibrated. This allows us to freshly experience what co-creation really means.

We will learn to perceive three different levels of co-creation:

  1. Co-creation through intention
  2. The importance of our innermost heart’s desires for co-creation
  3. Conscious and direct participation in the creative process


Helixnebel -Das Auge Gottes-, NASA



Scheduling of new international MerKaBa-Seminar events

for 2016

are in the planning stage.

There will be special MerKaBa-Seminar events
for the young generation of Israel
probably later in 2016 or in 2017!

For more details please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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