MerKaBa seminar 1


The MerKaBa is an energetic and informative vibratory field that surrounds our body.
Creation has given each of us a radiant MerKaBa field. If it is activated with a conscious intention,
our MerKaBa becomes really powerful and we experience a quantum leap of consciousness.

The activated MerKaBa is a luminous energy field
with a diameter of approximately 17 meters (56 feet)
– Place and potential of conscious co-creation, awareness field of your own divinity –

The MerKaBa field contains the energetic shape of a star tetrahedron,
formed by two intersecting tetrahedra.
We can grasp this shape because it has three-dimensional,
physical aspects in addition to quantum aspects.
All of us carry the stellated octahedron within and around us.
This shape is formed when our first eight cells are created.


Merkaba Sterntetraeder engl

The dynamically rotating form of the MerKaBa has primarily quantum aspects.
Three-dimensionally, we can perceive this field subtly, but clearly!
It resembles the shape of a spiral galaxy, specifically the Sombrero Galaxy,
united in a cosmic dance with the energetic form of the torus.



In Hebrew, MerKaBa means “light vehicle” or “fire chariot” and represents our double nature. On the one hand, we are the result of an evolutionary, biological development. On the other, we are enclosed by this divine light that seeks to interpenetrate our human body more and more. The MerKaBa is not a vehicle inviting us to step inside and take a seat. We can’t enter something that already surrounds us. And enlightenment of the MerKaBa field does not take us out of our body, it brings us inside! Thus we are well-equipped to deal with our present situation, here and now:

And there is much more to discover…

When our MerKaBa is awakened to radiant life and light,
we truly come home to ourselves.

The MerKaBa is the heart space of our spiritual energy body.
When it is activated, a “temple” is created within us and around us:
a space that allows you to feel embraced and filled with light and love.
A space where you find joy and peace, orientation and clarity.
In line with your true self.


Scheduling of new international MerKaBa-Seminar events

for 2016

are in the planning stage.

There will be special MerKaBa-Seminar events
for the young generation of Israel
probably later in 2016 or in 2017!

For more details please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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